Integration Services

Our staff can perform complete integration services for you or we can provide your IT department with the tools and training necessary to integrate with the OrderTrax2 network. In many cases, your company can be integrated within 90 days.

Full integrationWhile every integration project is unique, the flow chart on the top left shows the typical steps involved when we perform the complete integration, and the chart on the lower right outlines the typical steps when we assist your IT staff with the integration. (Click either image to see a full page view.)

Support IntegrationWorking with you and your IT staff, Essent will develop a comprehensive plan of action that works best for your company. Each company’s requirements are different, so we perform a detailed analysis first before we present our recommendations.

Once that has been completed, we begin mapping the trading documents to e•PSA standards and then get your document process certified via e•PSA.

After that has been successfully completed we will install OrderTrax2 Remote and train your staff. A final implementation review is performed and then the system is ready to be turned on.